Gelinaz Stay in with Karime Lopez

Gelinaz, the chef’s collective,  are back in town on the 3rd December. But this time, they are not travelling, they are staying “at home”. What travels this time, are their recipes. Each chef had to submit eight recipes that are typical for him/her, but she/he never served them at the restaurant yet. Those recipes were then shuffled and sent to another chef who will remix them in his/her own way and serve on the 3rd of December, for one night only, dishes inspired by those recipes to her/his guests. The guests and the chef will get to know whose recipes was interpreting the chef only at the end of the dinner through the Gelinaz ambassador who will attend the dinner (I will be that night the ambassador at the Aimsir restaurant in Ireland). Ambassadors will also take care of communication from the restaurants on that night, so if you are curious what is happening on the other side of the world, do follow us on Instagram (mine is here).

Karime Lopez has received the recipes. And now?


What was your first thought when you read the recipes you received?

My initial answer…  jajaja! However, I actually saw many ingredients that I absolutely love and I laughed a lot when reading each individual name of the dishes – they are absolutely brilliant.

What do you think of them now?

I love them. I have to make waffles and I’m certainly a waffle fan! The whole kitchen team are coming up with amazing ideas to turn this into a wonderful and special experience for the Gucci Osteria guests. It has become a truly refreshing project for the team.

If you had to choose an animal to describe them, what would it be?

A crazy bear.

How will you approach it?

Each name offers a small clue, yet provides me with a lot of freedom to explore and I am thoroughly enjoying the process. I also believe that the recipes are perfect for the current season in Florence. Our team will add our special touches to the clues… we may even already have an idea of where these recipes originally came from….!

What will be the greatest challenge for you in this Gelinaz project?

The whole Gucci Osteria team are helping to develop the dishes, and we are really enjoying working on this project. More than a challenge, we are just having fun!

And what are you looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to welcoming our guests to the Gelinaz at the Gucci Osteria in Florence; to have fun, to enjoy the experience as much as we currently are through the creation of each bite! They have also sent an excellent playlist – perhaps we can all dance after dinner!

After this event is behind you, what’s the next thing?

Ah, so many things! Panettone, Christmas…! We have a lot of exciting and fun activities in the pipeline at the Gucci Osteria, meaning we never feel confined to the same routine – every day is different which I love.

Karime will cook at Gucci Osteria in Florence. Tickets are available here.


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