Rodolfo Guzman – interviewed by Michael Booth for Monocle

In November 2018 we have, at the Ocean restaurant in the Vila Vita Parc (Algarve, Portugal), organised a collaboration dinner between Hans Neuner (the executive chef of Ocean) and Rodolfo Guzman of the Borago restaurant in Chile.We invited also a few journalists and I am happy to share with you the amazing interview that Michael Booth, one of the invited journalists, created there for Monocle Radio.

Ice brulee made of bitter plants from high altitude from Atacama desert and ropas of the year ice cream sandwich by Rodolfo Guzman

You can listen to the interview here:

At that occasion has Michael interviewed also Hans Neuner:

Hans Neuner

and  Jean-Paul Brigand, a man who left his successful career in international business to start an amazing citrus garden (that developed into much more) in Alantejo:

Jean-Paul Brigard’s garden n Alantejo

Enjoy listening!

Rodolfo Guzman

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