My favourite flavour. By Heinrich Schneider.

My favourite flavour is much more than a sensation. There are various factors affecting the taste that are extremely important. The aesthetics play a very important role, together with texture, temperature, ambience and people.


Organic chicken, bronze fennel and hawk’s wing mushroom pearls
I harvest most of my ingredients in the wild nature around our restaurant. Only there I can find the true flavours. Wild herbs, mushrooms and plants that only a few know. For me, these discoveries of the new nuances of flavours and textures in nature present one of the most exciting parts in the process in the development of a dish. They enable me to take my guests on a completely new journey of flavours. Only when I manage to achieve the perfect combination of flavour, texture and aesthetics, I am achieving that special moment, which is supposed to produce goosebumps. I have to feel that moment already when working on my dish. The end of this process brings the highest peak of emotion to all the senses. The unforgettable moment, a unique experience, my favourite flavour!


Heinrich Schneider, Terra (Sarentino, Italy)

Heinrich Schneider

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