Aqua. Wolfsburg. 29th May 2018.

Caramelized Kalamata olives; Champignon, Granny Smith & parsley
Selection of bread
Lychee, anchovy & bacon; Eel & leek
Gillardeau oyster, beef tenderloin & lime
Foie gras & beer mead-ice cream – Honey beer-vinaigrette, butter waffle & rape
Breton mackerel – Veal vinaigrette, pulled shank, onion mayonnaise & shiso
Trout from Luneburg Heath & caviar „Sélection Impérial“ – Smoked trout, Savora mustard, potatoes, cucumber relish
Sole & brown butter – Smoked almond, leaf spinach, crispy milk skin & rosehip
Snails from Odenwald – Walnut-herbs barley & snail’s caviar
Free-range chicken from the farm Odefey – Lettuce, sweet corn, vinegar-emulsion, egg yolk cream & bacon oil
Saddle & tongue of lamb from Müritz “Curry blended” – Fermented burdock root, aubergine, spiced rice, lemon, mint & yoghurt

Champagne cream sorbet „Edition Ruinart Rosé“
Rhubarb & dairy ice cream – Chervil, quinoa & parsnip
Strawberry, basil & burrata
Sicilian almond granita & brioche

Restaurant Aqua, Ritz Carlton Wolfsburg

Head chef: Sven Elverfeld

Parkstraße 1, 38440 Wolfsburg, Germany
+49 5361 606056

Back to Aqua after 3 years (2015 visit is here).

Aqua was opened in 2000 with Sven Elverfeld on its helm. Already after a year and half the restaurant got its first Michelin star. The second one arrived in 2006 and in 2008 reached Sven and his team the third star level and with this the highest possible achievement in the Michelin guide. Aqua has also 19.5 points of 20 (were 20 ever reached by anybody?) in Gault & Millau and is between 100 world’s best restaurants. What can you expect from such a highly rated restaurant? Perfection and a wide range of flavours! And that’s exactly what you get.

Sven Elverfeld. Photo: HdG Photography

Sven has started his career as a pastry chef and developed into a head chef later through his career. The precision needed in the pastry is still visible in his creations. Flavour wise he knows no limits. He sources his produce locally, but his cooking is strongly influenced by the flavours of foreign lands where he has been working before returning to Germany and opening Aqua – these travels and experiences in foreign lands made of Sven what he is today: a beautiful human being with a humble nature and great openness and sensitivity for diversity our world offers. He embraces it in such a beautiful way and expresses it through his dishes! His dishes contain quite some exotic flavours and techniques yet are always beautifully paired with the local traditions giving to his dishes also a taste of terroir and the local culture. He likes to be playful, but he doesn’t get lost in his playfulness – the flavours and forms he creates have a distinct structure and a strong base which make them just perfect. But his care for perfection goes further: he never misses a service! If he needs to go away, Aqua is closed.

Sven Elverfeld at work

If you haven’t been in Wolfsburg yet, it’s time to go and see what perfection at Aqua looks like. Aqua is located in the Autostadt (visit the fantastic car museum!) in the wonderful Ritz Carlton hotel (beautiful place to relax) and just five minutes walk from fascinating science center Phaeno (exciting place for children and grown-ups) architectonically created by the late Zaha Hadid. So if you ever thought Wolfsburg is not worth your visit, change your mind! You will not regret it!

Andreja Lajh


The wine pairings we had with the dishes above:

Sven Elverfeld. Photo: HdG Photography

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