Origins – Christophe Hardiquest and Gert de Mangeleer. Bon Bon. Brussels. 18th January 2018

Crispy cannelloni filled with West Flemish red beef cured and salted by Dierendonck. By Gert de Mangeleer. Apero meringue cheese and beer. By Adrien Cunnac.
Shrimp croquette samossa style. By Christophe Hardiquest
“La baignoire du gendarme”. By Adrien Cunnac

“Tomate crevettes” revisited. By Christophe Hardiquest
Black radish and sea bass from Nieuwpoort served with a fermented tomato based butter sauce, fresh cheese, oil of African marigold. By Gert de Mangeleer.
Langoustine from Zeebrugge, beetroots and pickled raspberries. By Gert de Mangeleer.
Grilled rabbit tartare with Gueuze Bruocsella, fermented kohlrabi, rillette and mayonnaise with walnut oil and rabbit liver. By Christophe Hardiquest.
Eel with fermented green herbs and black garlic. By Gert de Mangeleer.
Flemish beef carbonnade with Faro beer. By Christophe Hardiquest.
“Feuille a feuille” Kalichezap. By Christophe Hardiquest.
“Dendermondse vlaaien” by Gert de Mangeleer and Buckwheat laquement, chamomile and honey by Adrien Cunnac.
Petit fours by Christophe Hardiquest.


Avenue de Tervueren 453, 1150 Bruxelles, Belgium
Phone: +32 2 346 66 15
Christophe Hardiquest from the two Michelin starred Bon-Bon in Brussels has found himself in the food world that is more and more globalised. Dishes of chefs from different parts of the world started to look similar and often losing the identity of the territory. This brought him to studying the old cook books and history books in search of authenticity and locality. Inspired by what he found, he decided to challenge himself and his colleagues to rediscover the local traditions and flavours, cook them in a contemporary way and present them through a series of dinners under title Origins.
I have attended the first in the series of the Origin dinners. For the first one has Christophe invited his Belgian colleague, Gert de Mangeleer from the three Michelin starred Hertog Jan (all photos are from that dinner), the guest chef for the second event was Jose Avillez from Belcanto in Lisbon, the third dinner instead is happening on 29th May with the guest chef Alexandre Couillon of the 2 Michelin starred restaurant La Marine on the beautiful island of Noirmoutier.

Where dose Christophe Hardiquest find main inspiration for his dishes? 

I find the inspirations of the dishes in old Belgian cookbooks dating between 1850 and 1975. The inspiration comes also from a journalistic and historical work from a few people that help me discovering all these old and some already forgotten Belgian treasures…  This project started 2 years ago, and deeper we dig, the more I have an impression that this will be a never ending process. Really exciting!

What is for Christophe Belgian cuisine and what distinguishes Belgian cuisine of other European cuisines?

The Belgian “cuisine”, is originally a cuisine with many different influences: French of course, but also Dutch and Spanish. They all have left a legacy of know-how. It’s a popular cuisine. It’s a cuisine with a soul. Also with very precise flavors, like acidity, bitterness and also yeasty tastes. It can be brutal, but there’s also a nostalgia, and of course, it’s absolutely “gourmand”.

What are the most typical ingredients?

Belgian grey shrimps, mussels, eel, pig, rabbit, chicory, potatoes, jet of houblon, dairy products, many kinds of beers of course, chocolate etc…

Have you also used some old cooking techniques?

Yes, we use old techniques like: pickling, lacto fermentation, home made maturing, smoking etc…

How are you choosing guest chefs?

Chefs are chosen because they have a similar approach, as we do, with their own territories. They have respect for their traditions and are also willing to find ways to keep their roots alive.

Out of Belgium, what are cuisines that attract you most and why?

To be honest, of course I’m attracted by many different cuisines in Asia, South-America etc… but what I like best is to discover street food all over the world because it’s on the streets that we discover the real flavours of a country.

What are your other plans beside Bon Bon Origins?

It’s still linked to BON BON BON ORIGINS, but we will explore other universes… At the time of speaking, this is all still a secret. More to come soon!

Christophe Hardiquest and Gert de Mangeleer in the kitchen during the collaboration dinner at Bon-Bon


Gert de Mangeleer with guest journalist Ivan and Alexandra


Christophe Hardiquest

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