My Favourite Flavour. By Yannick Alléno

Pike fine mousse in a Vienna bread, celeriac Extraction®

When talking about flavours, I would say that taste reaches its culmination in the contradiction between bitterness and salinity; this is a contrast one will find in every great wine.  Historically, French gastronomy built itself in answer to the complexity of great wines; with our Modern Cuisine we try to follow the same construction and seek in every dish how to create this contradiction. Consequently, it is translated into the plate with two major flavours: sweetness and acidity. For instance in our dish Pike fine mousse in a Vienna bread, celeriac Extraction®, the celeriac brings out the minerality and the salinity of the dish, counterbalanced by the sweet bitterness of the toast. As it does for a great wine, we deeply believe that this contrast holds the taste in a dish and reveals all the ingredients’ aroma.

Yannick Alléno,  Alléno Paris au Pavillon Ledoyen (Paris, France)

Yannick Alléno. Photo: Geoffroy de Boismenu

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