108 Garage. London. 21st April 2017

Salt baked celeriac, hop shoots, truffle, beer
Wye Valley asparagus, egg yolk, matcha
Playful with nitrogen
La Latteria burrata, pecan, green tomato, basil
Veal sweetbreads, preserved peach, yeast, hazelnuts
Monkfish, grapefruit, monkfish liver, sorrel, raw artichoke
Cucumber, Little Bird Gin
Buttermilk, chervil, gariguette strawberries, sweet cicerly

108 Garage

108 Golborne Rd, London W10 5PS
Phone: 020 8969 3769
After my first visit in February I was looking forward to returning and tasting the flavours of spring, so here I am again, back at my neighbourhood restaurant in just two months.
There are two words to describe 108 Garage: Energy and Spontaneity. This place is highly energetic yet relaxing. Chris Denney, the chef, is running around like a striped-ass ape, passionately composing the flavours and textures into creations that are as intense and energetic as his personality and as conquering as the 108 garage business strategy. He enjoys the freedom of creating a menu which changes daily with all the spontaneity following his own mood, inspiration and the best ingredients of every single day. Chris is a master of balance created through playfulness of contrasting flavours and textures that provoke the highest pleasures for the palate and cause deep addictions. Just ask the regulars! 108 Garage is in spring even better than it was in winter.
Chris and Luca (his business partner) have decided to conquer the world with their infinite energy and deliciousness of their dishes. And they are doing this with an incredible speed – after London there’s NY and then LA and Miami. Surprisingly this speed and spreading to another continent didn’t weaken their Notting Hill eatery but made it even stronger, more confident and radiant. Well, if the energy will intensify with such a speed, can you imagine the explosion of flavours in summer? Are you up for the adventure? I can’t wait!

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