Beco, the gourmet cabaret by chef José Avillez, opens in Lisbon

José Avillez, the acclaimed Portuguese chef, is today opening the doors of his new restaurant BECO. Located in Bairro do Avillez, behind a hidden passageway, it is a sophisticated restaurant wrapped in mystery and the feel of the 1920’s and 1950’s clubs. Its doors will only open at the end of the day inviting for a dinner-and-a-show.

The internationally inspired menu includes 12 different moments and is always a surprise. Some of Chef José Avillez’s most unexpected creations are featured in this tasting menu.

Olive with cumin and dark chocolate pit at Beco. Photo: Bruno Calado

In 1908, my great-great-grandfather José Ereira opened Maxim’s at Palácio Foz. I heard that Maxim’s was the most elegant club in Lisbon. In addition to being a restaurant and a bar, it was also an entertainment venue with music, dancing and gambling. BECO is inspired by Maxim’s glamour and its bohemian and sophisticated atmosphere. In a secluded and exclusive place, with a restricted number of seats, BECO offers a unique dinner-and-a-show experience. When you enter Bairro do Avillez, you don’t expect to find a place like this,” explained José Avillez.  

José Avillez. Photo: Bruno Calado

“There is an aura of fun and elegance about the 1920’s and 1950’s clubs and cabarets. That’s the feel we find here at BECO Gourmet Cabaret. Combining fine dining with the bar and the show, we want to offer moments of surprise and delight and to create memorable nights,” he adds.

After going through a hidden passageway, you’ll find a vibrant room with surprising and eye-catching pieces. BECO’s − Gourmet Cabaret atmosphere is exclusive, bohemian, and sophisticated. The dress code is casual chic – you’ll find it agrees with the show’s spirit. You have to be over 18 to enter BECO, and no photography or filming are allowed, so that the experience is kept in the memories of those who will live it. Upon your arrival, the master of ceremonies will guide you into your unique experience.

Spicy tuna “pizza” with chives, trout roe at Beco. Photo: Bruno Calado

Dinners at BECO’s are organised as show moments {with a beginning and an end}. Bookings require purchasing the ticket beforehand by accessing the website or by calling +351 210 939 234.

Each ticket for the dinner-and-a-show includes the tasting menu and the experience. Drinks are charged later, at the end of the evening. After the dinner-and-a-show, Beco becomes a bar.

Given that it’s a show, there’s a set entry time. As with most shows, ticket prices vary according to the day of the week and the location of the table in the room.

Let the show begin!

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