My special wine. By Miha Batic

Miha Batič

Wine varieties are for a winemaker what colours are for a painter. They express the winemaker’s soul and the world that surrounds him. They create the wholeness, the perfection.

The wine which embodies best the longings of my soul is Angel Belo/White 2011. It is the most accurate expression of my wine vision – full of vitality and elegance.

The name Angel comes from the Angel vineyard which is planted with the native varieties: Pinela, Zelen and Vitovska. Angel was never sprayed. It is protected from disease by the special microclimate of Vipava and the wealth of microorganisms living in this virgin soil.

Angel Belo/White is a variety on the top of the Batič wine palette. The Angel vineyard, being relatively young, provides only a part of the grapes for this wine. The rest comes from our older vineyards.

As a passionate supporter of tradition and native varieties, I had to compromise my beliefs for achieving perfection in flavour. Angel was made in the traditional way with our native grape varieties, but a touch of Chardonnay was needed to round its flavour.

The Angel grape blend may change a bit with every vintage, but high vitality and elegance will always remain. To keep it great, we create Angel only in the years of great vintages.

Miha Batič, Batič wines, (Šempas/Vipava, Slovenia)

Miha will present his wines at RAW London, 12 & 13 March 2017

Miha’s oldest son proudly carries the name Angel. He was named after this great wine.

2 thoughts on “My special wine. By Miha Batic

  1. My bottle of Angel Belo last night was delicious. A pity the Maître d’ at the Atelje restaurant in Ljubljana served it at room temperature and then was not gracious enough to admit that he was in the wrong.

    1. I am glad you liked the wine.
      Angel (as a macerated wine) is quite fine at the room temperature, as long as room temperature isn’t 25C 🙂 It is a macerated wine so it requires similar temperature as a red wine. Maybe slightly colder, but not too cold.

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