My favourite flavour. By Floriano and Giovanni Pellegrino

Our favourite flavour is our home region – Salento. The land of the winds, of infinite horizons and strong roots.
Salentian people are rooted in the countryside. Every single family, from the modestest to the noblest, owns a piece of land as an inheritance of the ancestors. This land has fed through the centuries many generations – it is in our blood. That’s why, even while travelling around the world and working in the kitchens of the world’s greatest chefs, we never forgot our roots. Salento is in our DNA. We were looking forward to coming back home to get hold of the key that unlocks all our dreams.
Our cooking may gaze far away, but our hearts are well settled into our territory.
A dish that emblematically expresses our philosophy is “cherry tomato in the pungent ricotta water” –  pure simplicity of the Salentinian produce rearranged in a futuristic way.
Floriano and Giovanni Pellegrino, Bros (Lecce, Italy)
Floriano and Giovanni Pellegrino
Floriano and Giovanni Pellegrino

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