The best dish of 2016

The food writer Gabriele Zanatta of Identita Golose asked 100 Italian and foreign food writers what was the best dish they tasted in 2016, in Italy or abroad. A cruel question, they said. And yes, it was hard also for me when they asked me to choose only one.

„Schindlfisch“: trout cooked in cedar wood wood sorrel x elderberry vinegar Photo: Jürgen Grünwald
„Schindlfisch“: trout cooked in cedar wood, served with wood sorrel and elderberry vinegar at Mühltalhof . Photo: Jürgen Grünwald

How can you choose one favourite dish when you were lucky enough to have enjoyed so many fantastic experiences and got to know so many talented passionate chefs? (check the ones I specially loved this year here – each of them deserves to be mentioned) Having to choose only one I decided for a dish which was part of a wonderful dining experience in the Upper Austria, at the Mühltalhof, where Philip Rachinger and his father Helmut create dishes which deeply satisfy the palate as well as the mind. There is a lot of knowledge and passion behind everything they do, a great consistency with every course and unmissable touch of magic. Austrian culinary scene is less known in the world so I thought it deserved to be mentioned also for this reason.

Have a look at the dish of my choice and the best dishes chosen by other 99 food writers here:

And which was the best dish you had this year?

Andreja Lajh

Cacio e peppe cooked in a bladder. Photo: courtesy of Riccardo Caminini
The dish that was mentioned by many food writers: Cacio e peppe cooked in a bladder – by Riccardo Caminini (Lido 84)

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