Read this only if you are a culinary student from Mexico or you know one of them! Rene Redzepi and Rosio Sanchez have a message for you.

Dear friends,

Round two of the Noma Mexico updates, and this one will be about students.

We’ve already had hundreds of people applying to be a part of the Noma Mexico team. If you would like to participate feel free to email However, this post is mostly about two other projects that we have been working on for a while now.

Noma Mexico will only be open for dinner. However, during the last two weeks of our residency there, we will open up for lunch. All of the seats are reserved for Mexican culinary students. You are invited to come and have the full experience with us, free of charge. We want to cook for you and show you how we have been inspired by your incredible food culture. You must be a culinary student. Please email us at to find out how you can get a seat at the table.

Then, we are also very happy to announce that we are creating a scholarship fund to allow Mexican culinary students to travel to Copenhagen and intern with both Noma and Hija de Sanchez. We will set up English classes beforehand, take care of travel, accommodation and give a per diem. This is something that we are really excited to be offering again. We first tested this idea a few years back with great success and ever since we have been waiting for the right moment to have a project where we can continue fostering our relationship to Mexico, and help give opportunity to young talents. Of course, we will make sure that the internships are during summer so you won’t freeze your ass off. 😀 Please email us at with a headline called “Mexico Scholarship” to find out how you can apply.

That is all from us for now. We have just returned to the Yucatan from Tabasco, and the research for the ingredients and a better understanding of Mexico is going very well.

Among the next couple of updates we will be featuring some of the artisans who we are working with on the project, so stay tuned. We look forward to sharing more about Noma Mexico with you!


All the best,

René Redzepi & Rosio Sanchez


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