Restaurant Bootshaus. Traunkirchen (Upper Austria). 12th September 2016

Restaurant Bootshouse is located right at the beautiful Traunsee
Restaurant Bootshaus is located right at the beautiful Traunsee
Our dinner started outside, at the lake, with a riedling (fish available in Austria only in Traunsee) grilled on a stick. Photo: Monika Löw
The stairs take from the lake to the terrace and the restaurant
The stairs take from the lake shore to the terrace and the restaurant
Starters. Photo: Monika Löw
German gold tomato. Butternut pumpkin, lovage, goat cheese. Photo: Monika Löw
Wild crayfish. Pickled cucumber, crispy chicken skin. Photo: Monika Löw
Reinanke on the saltstone. Poveraden, herbsalad, pepper. Photo: Monika Löw
Black pudding. Radish, dill, tripmadam. Photo: Monika Löw
Lamb tongue, beet. Photo: Monika Löw
Saddle of lamb, wild broccoli, fig. Photo: Monika Löw
“Blue buffalo”. Apple, orange marigold, mustard. Photo: Monika Löw
Blueberries. Panna cotta, cake, meringue. Photo: Monika Löw

Restaurant Bootshaus

Klosterpl. 4, 4801 Traunkirchen, Austria
Lukas Nagl, the executive chef of the restaurant Bootshaus, is since four years in charge of cooking at the restaurant Bootshaus located right at the picturesque lake which with the fabulous untouched surroundings offers a lot of inspiration and ingredients to the young chef. Before taking over the kitchen of the lovely Traunsee hotel, Lukas, after graduating at the tourism college at Bad Ischl, gained experiences at some of the best restaurants in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and New York (including Per Se in New York and Steiereck in Vienna).
Into the kitchen of Bootshaus brought Lukas his young energy, openness and curiosity. His greatest passion is dedicated to the research of the local ingredients, strengthening the relations with the local farmers and fishermen and widening the ways the local products are used. His cooking has deep roots in the past from which he learns the traditional regional methods of preparation, which he enriches with his creativity and the contemporary knowledge. His cooking is innovative, precise and delicious. Keep an eye on the guy!

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