My favourite flavour. By Giuseppe Iannotti

My favourite flavour is the experience – the emotional and sensorial experience of my guests at a table in my restaurant. The guest and his wellbeing are the central point of the philosophy of my cuisine.

Photo: Marco Varoli

With my team, we accompany every guest through a journey of fantasy and originality. It starts with the initial finger food, it is followed by fish and meat to finally arrive to pasta and rice, which is – contrary to the Italian tradition – served just before the dessert. At Kresios we serve carbohydrates after the proteins to make the experience more pleasant also afterwards.

Our journey is a wonderful mixture of flavours created with well selected ingredients from around the world to satisfy even the most curious palates and to offer a unique experience which is reinforced with every detail – in architecture, design, flavour and ingredients.

Giuseppe Iannotti, Kresios (Telese, Italy)

Photo: Marco Varoli
Photo: Marco Varoli

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