My favourite flavour. By Paulo Airaudo

When speaking of flavours, my favorite flavours are inevitably those which remind me of my childhood. Three of my favorites are pink grapefruit, lemon and laurel. These ingredients with beautiful intense aromas take me straight to my childhood into the house of my grandparents in Rio Cuarto, the city of Cordoba, Argentina. That’s why I am always looking forward to the perfect time of the year to use them.

Grapefruit and White Chocolate. Photo: Alex Teuscher.
Grapefruit and White Chocolate. Photo: Alex Teuscher.

My grandparents were the ones who made me fall in love with cooking and preparation of food by allowing me to play in their kitchen. Weekends at their house were filled with wonderful food experiences. They created everything from scratch and everything was so delicious! I vividly remember the scent of the laurel in the sauces and pink grapefruit and lemon on the table. Whenever I think of a new dish, I enrich it with a special accent from my childhood.  The dish on the picture, as also many others, is my hommage to the grandparents who encouraged me to explore the world of cooking and made me discover my true passion.

For me there is no better flavour  than the one that reminds me of these special and unforgettable moments.

Paulo Airaudo, La Bottega (Genève, Switzerland)

Update March 2017: Paulo has left La Bottega and is about to open his own restaurant Amelia in San Sebastian, Spain.

Paulo Airaudo 2
Paulo Airaudo. Photo: courtesy of La Bottega

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