Tonight’s the night – Chef’s table 2 is here!

Netflix has with Chef’s table in collaboration with David Gelb (author of the beautiful documentary Jiro dreams of sushi)  brought some of the world’s most exciting chefs into our homes and revealed stories of passion, deep motivation and most of all love not only for cooking and hospitality but also for the territory in which chefs create. It is your chance to see the complexity of chef’s work which reaches also far outside the kitchen.

The first season which featured Dan Barber, Massimo Bottura, Francis Mallmann, Niki Nakayama, Magnus Nilsson and Ben Shewry was a great success so the 2nd season which is available from today on Netflix has been expected by many.

Get in front of TV and immerse yourself in the magical world around Soca Valley in Slovenia where Ana Roš, who was about to become a diplomat, fell in love with Valter, moved into his paradise and started cooking and creating wonderful dishes which talk the meadows, forests and river that surround her. Get to know the world of French chef Dominique Crenn who in San Francisco creates dishes which beautifully unite flavours and art. There are also the great Alex Atala – the legendary Brasilian rock star chef, Grant Achatz from Chicago who creates some of the most stunning cooking even if he is unable to taste flavours himself, Enrique Olvera from Mexico and Gaggan Anand from India who have reinvented their national cuisines.

Today is a day for Netflix!

Andreja Lajh


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