My favourite flavour. By Esben Holmboe Bang

Mackerel and elm. Photo: Tuuka Koski
Mackerel and elm by Esben Holmboe Bang. Photo: Tuuka Koski

Flavour and taste are an important part of everything I do. The emotional aspects of taste, smell, texture or sound are the most fundamental pillar in the way I approach my work and my life. When you cook with seasons, like we do, we basically make a complete physical manifestation of where we are in the world in the specific time. That´s why the flavour needs to be clean and un-compromised in order to achieve the perfect picture of “right now”.

I don’t have a favorite flavour per se. I have flavours that I cherish for certain situations and flavours for each season that I love.

Flavour is everything – without it, the sole essence of what we do would be meaningless.

Esben Holmboe Bang, Maaemo (Oslo, Norway)

Esben Holmboe Bang. Photo: Tuuka Koski
Esben Holmboe Bang. Photo: Tuuka Koski

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