Recipe: Veal tongue pastrami, giardinieria and mustard ice cream by Cristina Bowerman

Veal tongue pastrami by Cristina Bowerman. Photo: Aromi Creativi
Veal tongue pastrami by Cristina Bowerman. Photo: Aromi Creativi

(recipe for 10 portions)

Veal tongue

25 gr palm sugar  – 2 gr pink salt – 160 gr salt – 1,2 gr powdered ginger – 2,2 L water – 1 garlic clove – 1 bay leaf – 5 gr pepper – 0.3 gr peperoncino/chili – 6 cloves – 4 gr mustard seeds – 5 gr coriander – 5 gr allspice – 4 gr juniper – 2 veal tongues

Toast the spices first and prepare the brine bringing the water to boiling point. Make sure it is cold before proceeding.

Rinse the veal tongues under cold water to eliminate the bloodier parts. Soak them in brine for a week in the refrigerator. Discard the brine and cook the tongues sous vide at 72.5º for 12 hours. Cool immediately. Clean the tongues eliminating the skin. Cold smoke them for 1 hour with cherry wood. Pack them in sous vide bags and hold them in refrigerator until use.

Mustard ice cream

3 egg yolks – 3 eggs – 300 gr cream – 70 gr milk – 5 gr salt – 30 gr sugar – 50 gr dark and light mustard seeds (already fermented)

Infuse the mustard seeds in milk and cream at 65º for 3 hours. Prepare creme anglaise with eggs and the infused milk/liquid cream (in bainmarie bring the mixture to 85º, constantly stirring. Cool quickly). Cool it down and pour in an ice-cream maker. Hold in the freezer at -18º.


2L white vinegar – 1L water – 110 gr salt – 120 gr white sugar – a sachet made out of peperoncino, 2 juniper berries, 1 clove, 5 black pepper grains.

Bring the liquid to boiling point and add the toasted spices. After cleaning and peeling (if needed) 20 small radishes, 10 small white turnips, 1 sliced ginger root, 1 sliced red onion previously soaked in cold water for a day, place them in a big jar and pour the liquid. Keep them in the fridge for three days.

To complete you will need garlic flowers, mustard leaves, radish leaves, previously dehydrated and powdered orange peel, 20 slices of ciauscolo (a kind of spreadable salami from Marche but used in Lazio as well).

Thinly slice about 15 slices  of the veal tongue per portion and place them on the plate alternating them with the two slices of ciauscolo. Place the giardiniera, orange powder, mustard ice cream grated with a fork and some extra virgin olive oil.

Recipe by Cristina Bowerman, Glass Hostaria (Rome, Italy)

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