My favourite flavour. By Alyn Williams

Alyn Williams
Alyn Williams

We are very fortunate in the UK to have distinct seasons without any great extremes of temperature. This means that although we aren’t growing pineapples and lemons in the summer months we can expect an abundant harvest pretty much 12 months of the year.

I get excited with the advent of each season and the produce that it will bring, from the early spring vegetables later to be met by the lambs born at the start of the season. Summer brings bright succulent fruits, tomatoes, beans and crisp salads.

Autumn though has a special place in my heart. I enjoy the whole atmosphere of the season, the moist warmth early on followed by golden blustery days. The produce at this time here is exceptional, late summer fruits falling into autumn. Game, chestnuts and mushrooms take on their own.

I love the way autumn spills into winter towards the end of November … squashes, sprouts, medlars, bitter greens and wonderful shellfish arrive and as the weather turns a little chillier the first frosts bring us what I love most about the winter season … roots! I have very fond memories as a child of my dad bringing in his prized parsnips, turnips and swedes from the garden, they have that special warmth and sweetness about them that is unique.

These vegetable instinctively work alongside game, beef and even some meatier fish. They are also kings of the kitchen served simply on their own.

Alyn Williams, Alyn Williams at the Westbury (London, UK)

Glazed parsnip with clams and liquorice by Alyn Williams

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