Reta – a new app against food waste

I love to see people engaged with things that matter, so I am happy to support this project. I was contacted through LinkedIn by Kalin Delev, a young man who wanted me to get to know his new project. I loved it, so I am sharing it with you and will be thankful for your support in spreading the word/app.



“The problem with food waste is one I became aware of about a year ago. I was working as a Student Ambassador at my University, helping out on events. There were always sandwiches being served at events and each time there were tens (sometimes hundreds) of sandwiches thrown away uneaten. I started researching the issue and found out that it was a big problem in developed countries like the UK. I decided to do something about it.

One day, I shared my motivations with my friend and it turned out he had a similar idea. He was working at a restaurant for a few months and has seen how many tonnes of food were discarded. We decided to work together on a solution. Fast forward a few months and our mobile app was born!

With Reta, you input your food into your device, and receive a helpful reminder whenever an item is about to expire. In addition, all the items you own will be on your device, so you can see which food is still available.

For example, if you get yourself stuck in the supermarket, you can always just check your phone and see for example: “Hey, I have no onions left. I better buy a kilo.” Or if you’re unsure of what to cook for dinner, just check your fridge and cupboard on your way back from work.

Also, if you decide to freeze any food, you can easily extend the expiry date. This way you’ll be reminded of frozen items as well, whenever you need.

Let’s say you buy a loaf of bread, but eat only half of it before you get a notification. Just freeze the other half and extend the reminder notification for a week. That way you’ll see you still have that bread loaf and it won’t be forgotten at the bottom of your freezer.

On top of that, Reta can actually save you quite a bit of money. Reports show that the average UK family wastes around £60 of uneaten food per month. You could be saving almost a meal a day just by keeping track of what you have in your fridge.

The problem with food waste is a big one, with close to 14 million tonnes of food being wasted every year just in the UK. We challenge everyone reading this to be more aware of the food waste. they produce and start keeping track of what they throw away in their kitchen.

You will not only help the environment, but your budget as well!

Use this tool to your advantage, start tracking your food today, and saving it (and your cash) tomorrow.”

Kalin Delev

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