About people and stars

Yesterday I had a lovely chat with a friend who is working in a Michelin starred restaurant in central London. He was humbly explaining that they want to be known as a restaurant, as a collective, and that nobody, even not the chef, wants to be a star.

I understand his point but in my eyes restaurant business, like also many others, is all about people. In the world where many things are managed virtually and without a personal contact, restaurants remain a place of a vivid human interaction. From the person who welcomes you at the arrival, to the one who serves you and cares for your wellbeing, the one who helps you selecting the nicest wines and all those who work in the kitchen creating the tastiest dishes for you. It’s every single person who makes a difference – giving to everything a human and individual touch and making our experience unique.

Talking about people is not about creating stars. It is about understanding the world of food and hospitality on a deeper level. It’s about inspirations and aspirations, about love and challenges of people who are deeply involved in making our experiences unforgettable and unique.

So Haut de Gamme is about great people, not about stars.

By Andreja Lajh

Paul Signac's Dining Room
Paul Signac’s Dining Room

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