My favourite flavour. By Eugenio J. C. Boer

Photo: Damian Janczara
Polignano carrots, hazelnuts from Piedmont, Taleggio cheese with cooked and hay smoked egg. Photo: Damian Janczara

My favorite flavours are memories. You know the mouth watering provoked by a memory and desire of something from the past or a distant land. My flavours are influenced by my memories, by people I met, by faraway traditions. I love sharing the forgotten flavours of my childhood or spices from a recent travel with my guests. I would like you to smell that perfume, to feel it, and then take you for a journey to the future through my eyes and my sensibility, to something completely new and unexpected.

Smoked flavours remind me of my days in Netherlands, of the strolls along the dams with my father in the late summer evenings when fishermen were smoking “palings”, the eel of the North Sea. The smell of the smoke is still in my mind, it is my flavour and “Polignano carrots, hazelnuts from Piedmont, Taleggio cheese, cooked and hay smoked egg” turns back time and leads my guests straight to these moments and then to the upcoming winter they want to live.

Eugenio Boer, Essenza (Milano, Italy)

Eugenio Boer. Photo: Federico Cicogna
Eugenio Boer. Photo: Federico Cicogna

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