Missions of a chef

Andreja Lajh. Photo: Laura Lajh Prijatelj
Andreja Lajh

I love chefs who are not only great in cooking techniques but are also thoughtful and intellectually inspiring, chefs who are creative and are telling stories through their dishes. I love to see chefs thinking of environment, health, sustainability … It’s wonderful to see them supporting community and inspiring people around them … But I dislike when they start loving the sound of their own words more than they enjoy creating. When all the beautiful actions don’t come anymore from the heart and honest passion but become more than anything else tools of public relations. When being best becomes a goal and not consequence of their work. When this happens, I humbly think they should rethink what are their priorities and become again more cooks and less celebrities.

Communication/PR is important (it’s my job!) but chefs should never forget that cooking and making their guests happy comes first.

Andreja Lajh, Haut de Gamme

PS I am happy to say that I have in my life encountered many chefs who, even if they are famous public figures, never neglected their restaurants. I have great respect for them. But not all chef manage to find the right equilibrium.
Velrtumnus by Giuseppe Arcimboldo
Velrtumnus by Giuseppe Arcimboldo

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