My favourite flavour. By Sven Elverfeld

Smoked eel, Pumpkin -Räucheraal Kürbis
Pumpkin & pumpkin oil. Photo: Götz Wrage

“I love flavours which are result of intelligent combinations of only few well selected ingredients (two to four are enough).

Perfection is achieved by using the best possible ingredients in different ways and forms creating a wealth of textures, temperatures and depths.

Let’s take as an example a small dish from Aqua which was served as one of the snacks in our tasting menu:  Pumpkin & pumpkin oil.

The plate is brushed with a delicious pumpkin seed oil.

First layer is a pumpkin chutney with a pumpkin puree – this layer has just the right amount of acidity to give freshness to the dish. Above it is a soft warm smoked eel covered with smoked eel’s foam which is sprinkled with finely grated roasted pumpkin seeds.

It is simple and yet offers to the palate a very intense experience.”

Sven Elverfeld, Aqua (Wolfsburg, Germany)

Sven Elverfeld. Photo: Markus Höhn
Sven Elverfeld. Photo: Markus Höhn

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