Get ready! Gelinaz! are coming!

Temperature’s rising

Fever is high

Gelinaz! are ready

To kick and to fly

You know Gelinaz!, don’t you? The wildest, the most exciting collective of chefs who travel the world cooking, having fun, learning from each other and challenging themselves and our palates. On 10th November 2016 is happening the greatest Gelinaz Shuffle till now.

Some of the world’s best chefs will for a day swap their restaurants, families, lives, identities and surprise guests of the hosting restaurant with their cooking. Where are they going?

They are flying wherever the draw says and combinations of the persons and spaces are sometimes quite surprising, yet always great and exciting. Here is the list of all the restaurants and chefs taking part in this crazy rock’n’roll shuffle, but most are sold out already. Hurry up to get those few places that are left!

Who is coming to the restaurant near to you? Nobody can tell you that, but believe me – it will be awesome, so please book the flight if the restaurant near you is sold out! Have fun!

And what now?


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